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Your Political Fundraising Campaign

| Fundraising | April 9, 2013

Annie Eagan has 15 years of experience in fundraising for political candidates, campaigns, and non-profit organizations. In 2003, she began Annie Eagan Consulting, an independent consulting firm specializing in fundraising. Prior to Annie’s career in consulting, she worked for Senator Dianne Feinstein in San Francisco and then in Washington, D.C. as part of the Senator’s legislative staff. Annie Eagan is a graduate of U.C. Davis with a degree in History. She is a native of Oakland, and currently lives in Jack London Square.

Fundraising Campaign




Your Fundraising Campaign

A successful fundraising campaign requires special talent and real focus.

Running a political campaign can be expensive.  You must communicate your candidacy and message to the voters in your district. This will require money.  Raising enough money will allow you to execute a successful campaign. As the candidate it is your priority in the campaign from the beginning through to the end.

A sound fundraising strategy must be planned.  Who do you ask for money? Who will ask who for money? And what do you ask when soliciting contributions?    

Who to Ask:

Family your family are a great resource to build your bank account

Friends respect you and will often support your agenda

Groups like unions, business groups , religious organizations

Influential People who want to be associated with a winner

Other Candidates who support your platform

Your Spouse or Significant Other:  Your significant other will always be your biggest advocate and the next best thing to you when you can not be available.  

Friends Asking Friends:  Ask your friends to ask their friends.  Friends asking friends to give is a very effective.

Professional Fundraiser:The candidate, cannot devote all of his/her time to the fundraising campaign. It is always beneficial to hire a professional to do your campaign fundraising.They already have a network of donors in place that may help your campaign. The professional will keep you motivated and keep the fundraising campaign activity on target.

How To Ask 

Mass Customization and Personalization: This can include mass mailings, phone banks, emails, etc.  However, email and the internet are least effective because the internet lacks any kind of signature that would signal the communication is unique and personalized. 

Online Fundraising: Add a contribution page to your website to solicit donations. With direct mail you send out a letter, often well in advanceBut, with email, you can send out a mass email every day to raise money.

Direct Mail:  Send out personal direct mail appeals to voters or to lists of donors who frequently contribute to campaigns. Your professional raiser has access to their own list of donors and they know where to find good donor lists as well.

Always Target The Message

Always target donors. Do not send mailings to union groups detailing your support for big business.  Don’t ask small donors for big contributions or big donors for small contributions.  Send the right message to the right donor and your fundraising campaign will be successful.

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