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Democrats Must Support Labor Unions

| Blog | December 12, 2013

Tony Fazio has over 25 years of experience working on hundreds of campaigns in the political communications industry, and has created many winning direct mail programs for candidates, labor organizations and campaigns all across America. Tony started his first national direct mail company in 1981 and started Winning Directions in 1989. He has also volunteered his time and held numerous positions with statewide and local community groups in California.

labor unionsDemocrats Must Fight
For Labor Unions
Democrats can’t afford to lose the support of organized labor. Labor Unions  provide the greatest ground force and organizational strength,  and  represents a constituency that can help Democrats sustain a broad coalition. The Democratic Party must demonstrate that the concerns of working Americans are more than campaign rhetoric, but are, a primary platform of their party.


Revive Labor’s Power
The simplest thing government could do to reverse the 33-year growth in income inequality is to make it easier to start and maintain a union.

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Does America need unions? An ex-Wall Streeter says yes
Do free-market capitalists need to rethink their position on organized labor? Henry Blodget thinks so. In fact, Blodget wrote Friday, the country may need unions to help the economy grow faster.

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Unions, not manufacturing, key to economic revival
If there’s a single reason the median wage has dropped dramatically for non-college workers over the past 3 1/2 decades, it’s the decline of unions. In the 1950s, more than a third of American workers were represented by a union. Now, fewer than 7 percent of private-sector workers have a union behind them.

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Making Unions Matter Again
For too long, unions have mistaken access for power. They need to get back to organizing and activating members.
Unions need to start connecting with workers face-to-face through house parties and worksite and home visits to ask what’s keeping them up at night.

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Why Screwing Unions Screws the Entire Middle Class
“In other words, it’s not that the working class has abandoned Democrats. It’s just the opposite: The Democratic Party has largely abandoned the working class.””

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Sticking With the Unions
The shift of bargaining power from unions to corporate moguls increased the share of national income claimed by profits and corporate executives, with the result of wealth for the 1 percent and woe for the 99 percent, or is it gold for the 10 perncet and grief for the 90 percent? No matter: Government policies that favor trade unions are necessary if rising inequality is to be stopped and reversed.


We need labor unions more than ever!
“The central problem facing the American economy — and our society — is the collapse of the American middle class. The incomes of the middle class Americans, and those who aspire to be middle class — 90% of Americans — have been stagnant for almost three decades. This trend, which was briefly interrupted during the Clinton Administration, is the chief defining characteristic of our recent economic history.

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Democrats and Labor a Tale Of Abuse
The Democrats have gone “all in” with Wall Street and the corporations. The big banks now feel as comfortable throwing campaign donations towards the Democrats as the Republicans. Labor unions can’t compete with Wall Street’s cash.

american thinkerFor generations the Democratic Party has relied upon unions and their members to dutifully pull the lever for Democratic candidates and to man their call centers and canvass neighborhoods. And yet, an objective look at what are arguably the three biggest issues shows that Democrats are on the wrong side of these issues when compared to the desires and needs of union members.



Which Side are you on

Thomas Geoghegan has updated his eloquent plea for the relevance of organized labor in America with an afterword covering the labor movement through the 1990s.

The Great Divergence

“The Great Divergence” reinforced Noah’s growing view that when liberals turned their backs on unions — when they put, in his words, “identity politics over economic justice” — they made a terrible mistake.

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