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Comments Off on How to Write A Press Release

How to Write A Press Release

| Press Release | April 9, 2013

How to write a press release It’s the best way to get publicity for your campaign. Your press release as should be a short article about your campaign or candidacy that is distributed to media contacts throughout your campaign district. Before you create a press release, make sure you actually have a newsworthy story. Each […]

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Ballot Statement – By Terry Price

| Ballot Statement | April 5, 2013

  Ballot Statement   A ballot statement is an official way for voters to learn about the candidates or issues involved in an  election. Election officials distribute ballot statements to registered voters. A statement is a short statement intended to educate voters about a candidate or issue for Election Day. Ask your local election officials […]

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Grassroots Organizing for Political Campaigns

| Field Campaign, Get Out The Vote Campaign | April 27, 2013

Grassroots Organizing Larry Tramutola is recognized as one of the country’s top political strategists. Larry is an expert on grassroots organizing, political strategy, and is regarded as the country’s top expert on passing difficult tax measures. Larry is an advisor to Mayors and elected officials of all levels and his list of clients includes school […]

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Volunteer Recruitment – Campaign Academy

| Field Campaign | April 29, 2013

Volunteer Recruitment Volunteer Recruiting and managing  effectively is important part of any campaign. Include these in your recruitment program: Organizational support, training, and preparation to involve volunteers Developing and promoting volunteer opportunities Screening and matching volunteers for your campaigns needs Evaluation, record-keeping, and accountability Recognition, retention, and motivation Volunteer activism and advocacy  Democracy For America’s […]

Comments Off on Community Organizing and Precinct Walking

Community Organizing and Precinct Walking

| Field Campaign | April 27, 2013

Precinct Walking & Community Organizing Community organizing is a process where people who live in proximity to each other come together into an organization that acts in their shared interest. Community organizers generally assume that social change necessarily involves conflict and social struggle in order to generate collective power for the powerless. The main goal […]

Comments Off on Direct Mail – The best method for getting votes

Direct Mail – The best method for getting votes

| Direct Mail | April 27, 2013

Direct Mail For Political Campaigns Deliver the right message, to voters at the right time with Direct Mail The advantage of mail if that you can target voters, unlike other voter communication methods. Political mail is very effective because people still read their mail.  Political mail is targeted.  Newspaper , TV and radio are broadcast. […]

Comments Off on Use Radio Advertising To Reach Voters

Use Radio Advertising To Reach Voters

| Media Radio, Radio* | April 27, 2013

Radio Advertising To get this two-hour documentary about radio advertising, visit https://www.createspace.com/204549 New York Media Guru Tony Schwartz was my mentor. I produced dozens of TV and radio commercial advertsing and documentaries films with him. Today I consider myself the leader in how to use Schwartz’s techniques — Guerrilla Media, to produce and distribute web […]

Comments Off on Absentee and Early Voting

Absentee and Early Voting

| Absentee & Poll Voters | April 27, 2013

  Absentee and Early Voting Voting by absentee ballot is on the increase. In 2012 more than 50% of voters cast their votes early by mail. Early voting in onthe rise all across the country and specifically in California. Absentee voting will play a critical role in your campaign. Many campaigns run separate poll voter […]

Comments Off on Community Organizer – Door To Door Canvassing

Community Organizer – Door To Door Canvassing

| Field Campaign | April 27, 2013

Community Organizer A Community Organizer can make the difference in your campaign. A strong organizing and field program is the key to contacting voters door to door in your district. As your team goes door to door they can identify supporters that will be critical to the success of your campaign. Freedom Works University presents […]

Comments Off on Jeff Hewitt & Direct Mail

Jeff Hewitt & Direct Mail

| Direct Mail Campaign | April 27, 2013

Direct Mail If your direct mail doesn’t speak to the voter it doesn’t work With direct mail, you can target only those voters that your campaign wants to communicate to with a specific message and to specific households. Unlike Radio, TV and Cable advertising is sent to a broad audience of voters, often outside your […]

Comments Off on The Evolution Of Political Advertising

The Evolution Of Political Advertising

| Broadcast Media Campaign, Television / Cable* | April 27, 2013

      Political Advertising Has Changed Over The Years The style of political advertising and the content of the ads are a reflection of the times in which the ads were produced.  An Early 1960’s ad might speak to the social conditions of the times, like the Vietnam war,  while the 2000 ad might […]

Comments Off on Political Consulting A Specialized Field

Political Consulting A Specialized Field

| Hiring a Consultant | April 27, 2013

Political Consulting Has Become a Specialized Field Political Consultants now specialize in every aspect of campaigns. There are specialists in campaign finance, fundraising, research, polling, strategy, direct mail, radio and TV production, media buying, voter files, organizing and much more. Cathy Allen – President of the  Connections Group talks about political consulting and how consultants […]

Comments Off on Your Political Fundraising Campaign

Your Political Fundraising Campaign

| Fundraising | April 9, 2013

      Your Fundraising Campaign A successful fundraising campaign requires special talent and real focus. Running a political campaign can be expensive.  You must communicate your candidacy and message to the voters in your district. This will require money.  Raising enough money will allow you to execute a successful campaign. As the candidate it is […]

Comments Off on Deciding To Run For Office

Deciding To Run For Office

| Making The Decision | April 9, 2013

  Run For Office If you are going to make a serious run for office, you will need to run a serious political campaign. Contacts have to be made, money has to be raised, precincts need to be walked and mail needs to be delivered to the voters.  It is a huge job to be […]

Comments Off on Should You Hire a Political Consultant

Should You Hire a Political Consultant

| Hiring a Consultant | April 5, 2013

Should you hire a political consultant? Not every campaign will require political consulting .  Most often this will be determined by the budget for the campaign. A political consultant will charge a fee to advise the campaign. Often smaller campaigns cannot afford a consultant. If your campaign intends to spend only a small amount of […]