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California Women Close The Gap

| Blog, Women Candidates | September 28, 2013

California Getting Women Elected Close The Gap CA, is a campaign aimed at recruiting, training and electing progressive women to office in the mid-term and 2016 elections. The goal of the organization: to increase the number of women in Congress and state legislatures by taking advantage of new and open districts resulting from redistricting and […]

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New Rules – California Blogging for Politics

| Blog | September 28, 2013

Fair Political Practices Commission Rules on Political Blogging -California Blogging for politics comes under new rules. California – The Fair Political Practices Commission approved regulation Section 18421.5 to increase campaign transparency. A rule requiring campaigns to disclose payments to bloggers or other commentators who post opinion online. Consumer Watchdog. argues that voters have a right to know […]

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California – Staffing Your Political Campaign

| Planning The Organization, Staffing | September 26, 2013

Staffing Your California Political Campaign These roles describe the ideal staffing for a California  campaign. For smaller, local California campaigns., one person might  fill multiple positions. And to conserve finances you can staff these  positions with volunteers rather than paid staff. When staffing, It is important to assign specific responsibilities to each position. And to […]

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Newspaper Advertising For Political Campaigns

| Newspapers | September 26, 2013

Newspaper Ads For Campaigns Why newspaper advertising still matters by Tom Edmonds / Feb 20 2012   Convinced that fewer voters are turning to newspapers? Think again.   A new survey of U.S. voters’ media use demonstrates the advantages newspaper media hold in connecting political advertisers – election campaigns and issues advocates – with registered American […]

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What Is Opposition Research – Tony Fazio

| Opposition Research | September 25, 2013

Why Do Opposition Research?           “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will […]

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NPR – About Opposition Research

| Opposition Research | September 25, 2013

NPR Opposition Research Boot Camp: Learning To Dig For Political Dirt by TAMARA KEITH – April 01, 2013 3:39 PM   NPR Larry Zilliox of Investigative Research Specialists says opposition research relies on some old basics: court records, voting history and in some cases phone and financial records. And some new avenues made available by the Internet. NPR “You’re researching a candidate’s background,” he […]

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Pension Funds California Cities

| Blog | September 24, 2013

  Pension Funds and Bankruptcy Many of California cities try to cope with pension funds and healthcare costs. Pension fund losses during the recession still must be shored up, while funds continues to grow. Even with the pension reforms being enacted many cities remain concerned worry that the reform along with tax increases may not sove the […]

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California Infrastructure Report Is Not Good

| Blog | September 23, 2013

  California Infrastructure Needs Investment Now The American Society of Civil Engineers is committed to protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the public and to improving the nation’s public infrastructure. ASCE releases a Report Card for America’s Infrastructure that depicts the condition and performance of the nation’s infrastructure. The Report Card grades the condition and […]

Comments Off on Organizing and Leadership Academy

Organizing and Leadership Academy

| Blog | September 22, 2013

Larry Tramutola Gives Back To The Community TOLA The Organizing and Leadership Academy Larry Tramutola founder of Tramutola Advisors is recognized as one of the country’s top political strategists. Larry is an expert on grassroots organizing, political strategy, and is regarded as one of the country’s top experts in passing difficult tax measures. Larry is […]

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Leading Campaign Technology

| Social Media | September 22, 2013

Campaign Technology To Win NGP VAN is the leading technology provider to Democratic and progressive campaigns and organizations, offering clients an integrated platform of the best fundraising, compliance, field, organizing, new media, and social networking products. Two leaders in the progressive technology space, Voter Activation Network (VAN) and NGP Software (NGP) merged operations to provide  database software enabling […]

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California List – Helps Elect Women

| Blog, Women Candidates | September 22, 2013

Network to Elect Women in California CALIFORNIALIST works to elect women, and connects candidates and donors throughout California. Running for office in California is costly, CALIFORNIALIST helps candidates by connecting donors and candidates, so that they may raise the money needed to get elected. CALIFORNIALIST partners with other women’s organizations, in California and across the […]

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Annie Eagan Fundraising Training

| Fundraising, Staffing, Women Candidates | September 20, 2013

Annie Eagan Talks Fundraising California based political consultant Annie Eagan trains women about successful fundraising. Annie’ brings 15 years experience in political candidates, campaigns, and non-profit organizations . On August 19 th Annie Talks Fundraising at The Marin Womens Political Action Committee  training seminar, Candidates Training 101.  MWPAC Training For Candidates- August 19, 2013  – Speakers Nuts and […]

Comments Off on Los Angeles County To Move 500 Inmates To Fire Camps

Los Angeles County To Move 500 Inmates To Fire Camps

| Blog | September 18, 2013

Los Angeles County will move more more than 500 inmates Local jail inmate will be moved to mountain-area firefighting camps in order to ease over crowding in the jails and curtail releasing prisoners early due to overcrowding in Los Angeles County The move is in response to  a  federal court order forcing the state of  California […]

Comments Off on California Minimum Wage Increase to Ten Dollars Per Hour

California Minimum Wage Increase to Ten Dollars Per Hour

| Blog | September 14, 2013

Legislature Approves California Minimum Wage Increase to $10 AB 10 will raise California minimum wage  to $10 an hour by 2016 won approval in the state Legislature. The first California minimum wage hike in California inince 2008, the measure will raise the current $8 minimum wage to $9 an hour next July 1, 2014 and then to $10 on Jan. […]

Comments Off on Major League Sports Subsidies – The Facts

Major League Sports Subsidies – The Facts

| Blog | September 12, 2013

Major League Sports Subsidies – Corporate Welfare – The Public Gets Scammed Public subsidies for stadiums are a great deal for team owners, league executives, developers, bond attorneys, construction firms, concessionaires and politicians. They are NOT a good deal for the taxpayers. Major League Sports Subsidies – the facts Yet the amount of public money […]

Comments Off on Women – Run and Win Your Campaign

Women – Run and Win Your Campaign

| Women Candidates | September 10, 2013

When Women Run…..Women Win!  So here is the good news, when women do run, they win. But with these things in mind. We’ve seen it all, and we know what works. Check it out and leave your comments.   Women in Office Today: Is there a difference between the way a woman runs and the […]

Comments Off on California Prison Realignment Effects Counties

California Prison Realignment Effects Counties

| Blog | September 10, 2013

  Prison Realignment Effective October 1, 2011, California counties were expected to take over the supervision of prisoners placed on parole whose last offense was not a violent crime or a sex offense. There are certain exceptions to this rule if the offender is judged to be “high risk”. In addition, newly convicted offenders who […]

Comments Off on Run for Office – by Dotty LeMieux

Run for Office – by Dotty LeMieux

| Deciding To Run, Making The Decision | September 9, 2013

Are You Ready to Run For Office? Are you thinking of running in the next cycle or even the one after that? Now is the time to begin getting serious. Even for a that might local City Council race, a school board, water board, sewer board or other special district election.  These might be small […]

Comments Off on Campaign 101 – Nuts and Bolts Of Campaigns

Campaign 101 – Nuts and Bolts Of Campaigns

| Deciding To Run | September 9, 2013

Dotty LeMieux Teaches you Campaign 101 Dotty walks you through the basics with campaign 101 process of deciding to run, planning your campaign and how to execute a winning campaign. Dotty specializes in running smart, campaigns that leverage selective research and polling and the use of volunteers for maximum reach and impact. Dotty has authored […]

Comments Off on How to Create a Campaign Website – Lise Stampfli

How to Create a Campaign Website – Lise Stampfli

| Website | September 9, 2013

Lise Stampfli Teaches You How to Create A Campaign Website Everyone Needs A Website.  Lise Stampfli is the Creative Director at GreenDog Campaigns, she has been designing direct mail and  campaign websites since the 1980’s. Lise teaches you about what makes an effective website and common mistakes campaigns make. Lise discusses websites strategy, color, images, […]

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The Bay Area Plan – ABAG & MTC

| Blog | September 9, 2013

  ABAG and MTC Adopt The Bay Area Plan Local elected officials on the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) Executive Board and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) voted to adopt Plan Bay Area. An integrated transportation and land-use strategy. The Plan, was developed to meet the requirements of SB 375, which seeks to create […]

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How California Schools Test Scores

| Blog | September 7, 2013

California Schools Ranking Website The results from the California Department of Education are based on tests taken last spring. The API is an achievement gauge for California public schools based on standardized test results. The index assigns a score for each campus, ranging from a low of 200 to a high of 1,000, with 800 […]

Comments Off on California Cities and Bankruptcy

California Cities and Bankruptcy

| Blog | September 7, 2013

  More California Cities May Go Bankrupt A  federal judge ruled in April that Stockton can seek bankruptcy protection.  Which of the California’s fiscally troubled cities will be next. 10 California cities are facing the kind of serious financial pressure that sent Stockton toward bankruptcy. Despite signs of economic recovery, many cities are reeling from […]

Comments Off on California Population is Changing

California Population is Changing

| Blog | September 5, 2013

                  California Population According to the Standford Center on Longevity, California is the country’s largest populated state and the sixth youngest. The Population growth rate is slower than that of the from the 1970s and 1980s. However; growth from 2000 to 2010 has kept pace the the overall US growth rate. The ethnic population […]