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Comments Off on Filing Deadline – Campaign Law

Filing Deadline – Campaign Law

| Blog | October 24, 2013

TO CLIENTS AND INTERESTED PERSONS: A filing deadline for certain reports required by the California Political Reform Act is coming up. The deadline is October 31, 2013, with a cutoff date of September 30, 2013. This deadline is applicable to the following filings:  1. Major Donor Committee Form 461: A major donor is any person […]

Comments Off on The Bart Strike – A Minor Inconvienence

The Bart Strike – A Minor Inconvienence

| Blog | October 23, 2013

The current BART strike was a minor inconvenience for the public, compared to the sacrifices that were made by workers that went before us to fight for the rights that workers enjoy today. There sacrifice brought us the eight hour work day, the 40 hour work week, overtime pay, maternity leave, paid vacations, safety rules, […]

Comments Off on Education – Diane Ravitch

Education – Diane Ravitch

| Blog | October 15, 2013

What’s Wrong With Our Education System Diane Ravitch is Research Professor of Education at New York University and a historian of education. She blogs at dianeravitch.net, a site which has had nearly 3.5 million page views in less than a year. From 1991 to 1993, she was Assistant Secretary of Education and Counselor to Secretary […]

Comments Off on Governor Signs Legislation To Save Taxpayers Millions

Governor Signs Legislation To Save Taxpayers Millions

| Blog | October 10, 2013

AB-182 Legislation Passed Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation to stop risky financing that school districts and community colleges in the state have used on to pay for new construction. The measure, AB-182 was authored by state Sen. Ben Hueso and Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan.                         […]

Comments Off on Consolidating Municipal Elections – Yes or No?

Consolidating Municipal Elections – Yes or No?

| Blog | October 8, 2013

Will Consolidating Municipal Elections Save Taxpayers Money? A recent study by the Greenlining Institute says that consolidating elections would raise overall turnout, reduce costs and turnout a more representative group of voters. There study says that off-year municipal elections reduce voter turnout and result in small numbers of voters from minority groups who vote on […]

Comments Off on Marie Jobling – A Hero To Seniors

Marie Jobling – A Hero To Seniors

| California Heroes | October 7, 2013

Marie Has Devoted Her Life To Helping Seniors Marie Jobling is Director of the Community Living Campaign. As principle with GLUE Consulting, she has provided analysis, consulting and technical support services to a range of community-based senior, disability, care and housing provider organizations. She recently completed the study and report, Transitional Care Blueprint for Change: […]

Comments Off on Margaret Brodkin – A Hero to San Francisco Kids

Margaret Brodkin – A Hero to San Francisco Kids

| California Heroes | October 5, 2013

Margaret Brodkin’s leadership has transformed the landscape for children in San Francisco  Margaret is recognized as the “Mother of the San Francisco Children’s Fund,” a $50 million annual fund that made San Francisco the first city in the country to provide local dedicated funding for children. Margaret is a trained group worker, held a Licensed Clinical […]

Comments Off on Tramutola Wins California Schools Tax Measures

Tramutola Wins California Schools Tax Measures

| Blog | October 5, 2013

California Schools Tax Measures Win, Even In A Bad Economy According to Larry Tramutola, a California political consultant who specializes in bond issues, the recipe for today’s successful bond campaign must be made up of a diverse stew of tactics. No longer is it enough to merely identify pressing needs and expect voters to agree. […]

Comments Off on California Poverty Rate

California Poverty Rate

| Blog | October 3, 2013

  Poverty Rate in California Reaches 22% The new analysis set California’s poverty rate at 22%, the highest in the nation, compared with the official rate of 16%. The Public Policy Institute of California and the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality, found that 2.6 million, or 27%, of Los Angeles County residents lived in […]

Comments Off on California Voter Outreach – Robocalls

California Voter Outreach – Robocalls

| Robo Calls | October 3, 2013

California Voter Outreach With Robo Calls Robo calls are the least expensive way to communicate with your voters in California  You can reach thousands, even millions of voters with an in-expensive pre-recorded voice message, and can be delivered within minutes.  There many ways in which you can use them to your advantage in a California […]

Comments Off on 10 Tips on Opposition Research

10 Tips on Opposition Research

| Candidate Research | October 2, 2013

Investigative Research Specialists, LLC I just released the fourth edition of The Opposition Research Handbook. Our Firm is a  private investigations company with over 20 years’ experience conducting opposition research. This one-of-a-kind book takes the you through compiling information about political candidates, both the opponent and your own. It offers more than 150 pages of techniques and resources, […]

Comments Off on Obamacare Covered California

Obamacare Covered California

| Blog | October 1, 2013

Obamacare Begins in California California Launches the insurance marketplace today offering new options for millions of consumers as part of Obamacare. Events throughout California are being held to inform the public of the start of enrollment today. Covered California, https://www.coveredca.com/ is atttempting to contact more than 5 million unisured or folks that have no health […]