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Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi Introduces AB-2170

| Blog | March 13, 2014

Excessive Superindent of Education Salaries
Prompts Assemblyman to Introduce Bill 2170

AssemblymanAssemblyman Al Muratsuchi introduces Assembly Bill 2170 to curb excessive salaries

In reaction to reports detailing how the total compensation of Jose Fernandez, the Centinela Valley school district’s superintendents compensation package exceeded $663,000, Assemblyman Muratsuchi has introduced a bill aimed to prevent excessive school superintendent compensation.

Fernandez’s base salary sits at about $271,000, but perks and in his contract added nearly $400,000 more to his total compensation. Fernandez also received a $910,000, low-interest loan from the school district to purchase a home.The Centinela Valley school district has  a  enrollment of approximately 6,600 students.

In contrast, the superintendent of Los Angeles Unified School District received $389,997 in  compensation last year. The district has about 656,000 students.Assemblyman Muratschi’s Bill 2710 would ensure more transparency and accountability. It would require that all local school districts  post employment contracts of superintendents online.

The Bills Four Components Would:

  1. Require county offices of education to review local superintendents’ compensation on an annual basis.
  2. Require a school district to post its superintendent’s employment contract and information on school district finances on its website.
  3. Require school board members to receive training on ethics and governance.
  4. Restrict school districts from providing low-interest home loans such as that provided by the Centinela Valley Union High School District to its superintendent.

In reaction to the public outrage Superintendent  Fernandez  announced at a school board meeting this week attended by angry residents, that he would voluntarily cut many of the perks in his contract, bringing his salary to $295,000. However; he only agreed to this concession for the remainder of his contract this year.

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at School Board During Meeting

Centinela Valley Superintendent Under Fire For Excessive Salary
Says He Will Give Some Benefits Back

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