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Ballot Statement – By Terry Price

| Ballot Statement | April 5, 2013

Terry Price

Terry Price has 30 years of campaign management and fundraising experience. Terry has overseen more than 70 campaigns in Northern California, including judges, supervisors and city council candidates. He has also successfully directed the campaigns for bond and parcel tax measures in Sonoma and Marin Counties.



Ballot Statement


A ballot statement is an official way for voters to learn about the candidates or issues involved in an  election. Election officials distribute ballot statements to registered voters.

A statement is a short statement intended to educate voters about a candidate or issue for Election Day. Ask your local election officials how many words your statement can have.

Candidates publish their personal background, list their credentials, and explain their positions on important issues. A statement about an issue usually explains the issue and identifies what a vote for or against will mean.

Election officials mail ballot statements to registered voters with sample ballots or in voter’s guides. In most states and counties that use a ballot statement, the candidates or supporters of issues must pay to have a ballot statement included in the official mailing. Ask your local election official about these costs. 

Election officials monitor and regulate ballot statements. Candidates may talk about their background and qualifications for the job but they must not contrast themselves to the other candidates in the race.

A ballot statement about laws or other issues must use impartial language. Election officials will reject a ballot statement that is not impartial.

You can get help with your ballot statement from local elected officials you trust, and your campaign consultant.


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