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California List – Helps Elect Women

| Blog, Women Candidates | September 22, 2013

Bettina Duval is the President and Founder of CALIFORNIALIST, a political fundraising network to elect Democratic women to California state government. CALIFORNIALIST was founded in 2002 and has helped elect 56 women to statewide offices in California. In addition, five of the women that CALIFORNIALIST helped early in their careers in California politics are now serving in Congress. Bettina believes that it is important to build a pipeline of qualified women in order to achieve equality in our government.

elect women

Network to Elect Women in California

CALIFORNIALIST works to elect women, and connects candidates and donors throughout California. Running for office in California is costly, CALIFORNIALIST helps candidates by connecting donors and candidates, so that they may raise the money needed to get elected.

CALIFORNIALIST partners with other women’s organizations, in California and across the country, to train and elect women who are interested in running for office.

CALIFORNIALIST continues to develop a sustainable fundraising network that will keep the pipeline flowing and enable us to fulfill our mission to send more Democratic women to Sacramento.

Founded in 2002, CALIFORNIALIST is modeled after EMILY’s List, which recommends pro-choice, Democratic women candidates nationally to its members.

The CALIFORNIALIST pipeline has helped to elect 56 women to statewide offices and five of the women CALIFORNIALIST has supported are now serving in Congress. 

By Join CALIFORNIALIST, and become part of a network of Californians with a common desire to support Democratic women candidates running for office.

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