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California Voter Outreach – Robocalls

| Robo Calls | October 3, 2013

Kevin Reilly is a principal of Campaign Data Services, a voter file database company located in northern California.. Kevin is also a principal of Flying Colors USA providing services to political consultants.


California Voter Outreach With Robo Calls

Robo calls are the least expensive way to communicate with your voters in California  You can reach thousands, even millions of voters with an in-expensive pre-recorded voice message, and can be delivered within minutes. 

There many ways in which you can use them to your advantage in a California campaign.

          • Voter Identification
          • Persuasion 
          • Advocacy 
          • Absentee Ballot Notification
          • Fundraising 
          • Event Notification
          • Get out the vote (GOTV) 
          • Call Transfer to Live Operator
          • Polling

Standard Message  – A standard persuasion message that is recorded and sent out to voters. Usually 30 seconds.

  • Candidate message
  • Endorser message

Voter ID MessageUsed to capture information about the voter – voter presses response key

  • Volunteer recruitment message
  • House sign or house party message
  • Voter I.D support do not support or undecided

Absenteee Ballot Message

  • Notification of absentee ballot deadlines
  • Recruit absentee voters

Fundraising Message

  • Find donors – donors press 1 to live operator
  • Flag phone file for call back from candidate or campaign

Call Transfer Message

  • Any message to the voter can include a prompt message
  • Transfer the voter to a live operator.

Get Out The Vote Message

  • Reminder message to voters urging them to vote.

Polling Message

  • Survey the district to get a pulse on the election. 
  • Voters press a series of prompt keys
  • Flag the response to the poll questions to the phone file.

We all have heard the negatives about robo calls. But, more and more campaigns in California are using them as a tool to communicate, and voters DO respond to them. Robo Calls allow smaller campaigns, with limited budgets an affordable way to communicate with voters. While other communication mediums costs often are prohibitive, the price of robo calls allow any candidate or campaign a vehicle to communicate with voters. And in a democracy that’s important!

Pew Study – Robo Calls 
“For political campaigns, robo calls are an inexpensive way to reach large numbers of voters. In the March survey, slightly more voters said they had received robo calls than said they received campaign mailings (39% vs. 36%). In addition, more than twice as many voters said they had gotten a campaign call with a pre-recorded message as said they had gotten a personal campaign call (16%).””

 pew studypew study2

Listen to Some Of  The Messages We Have Sent For Our Clients

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WPTVNEWS Robocalls help politicians get out the message

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