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Campaign 101 – Nuts and Bolts Of Campaigns

| Deciding To Run | September 9, 2013

Dotty E. LeMieux founded GreenDog Campaigns in 1998, since then she has successfully run campaigns for State, County and local office. These have included campaigns for local school boards, special districts, town and city council offices and county supervisor. In 2004, Dotty was the California Political Director for Kucinich for President. Other efforts include fundraising for the legislative campaign to bring Compassionate Choice (Death with Dignity) to California, several initiative campaigns and the training of environmental and social activists all over the State.


Dotty LeMieux Teaches you Campaign 101

Dotty walks you through the basics with campaign 101 process of deciding to run, planning your campaign and how to execute a winning campaign.

Dotty specializes in running smart, campaigns that leverage selective research and polling and the use of volunteers for maximum reach and impact. Dotty has authored numerous articles for political publications such as Campaigns and Elections and Winning Campaigns and has a chapter in the book Voting in America, from Praeger Press, 2008. She is quoted extensively in the popular Campaign Boot Camp by Christine Pelosi, Poli-Point Press, 2007 and recently presented a Webinar in the art of negative campaigning for Winning Campaigns Magazine.

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