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Jeff Hewitt & Direct Mail

| Direct Mail Campaign | April 27, 2013

Named a national “Rising Star” by Campaigns & Elections magazine in 2007, Jeff Hewitt served on the Clinton-Gore campaign staff, managed numerous campaigns, and served as an advisor for a variety of congressional races throughout the U.S. He has raised more than $40 million for Democratic candidates and directed more than 1,000 fundraising events. With proven success in fundraising, campaign management and message delivery utilizing the full spectrum of media and field operations, Hewitt Campaigns will make your campaign a success on Election Day.

direct mail

Direct Mail

If your direct mail doesn’t speak to the voter it doesn’t work
With direct mail, you can target only those voters that your campaign wants to communicate to with a specific message and to specific households. Unlike Radio, TV and Cable advertising is sent to a broad audience of voters, often outside your district. Therefore; your message must be less specific to the broader, less targeted audience. Unlike Radio and TV/Cable ads, direct mail can be targeted to a specific address so you are not paying to reach folks that can’t vote for you.

 Political Consultant Jeff Hewitt Discusses Political Mail


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