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Political Consulting A Specialized Field

| Hiring a Consultant | April 27, 2013

Cathy Allen, President / Owner of The Connections Group, Inc., has spent the past twenty years working to help communities, governments, non-profit associations and women’s groups better communicate to the press, the public and politicians. Her creative approach to changing communication strategies includes targeting, message development and media relations which can be put into action in relatively short timeframes ranging from 30 days to three months.

Political Consulting Has Become a Specialized Field

Political Consultants now specialize in every aspect of campaigns. There are specialists in campaign finance, fundraising, research, polling, strategy, direct mail, radio and TV production, media buying, voter files, organizing and much more.

Cathy Allen – President of the  Connections Group talks about political consulting and how consultants can work together in their respective area of expertise to win elections for their clients.

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