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Campaign Contributions – Stacy Owens

| Contributions | May 11, 2013

Stacy Owens brings 13 years experience in Political Treasury services to her work with clients. Stacy serves as Political Campaign Treasurer; and as Manager of the Political TreasuryDepartment at Henry C Levy & Company CPAs and Consultants, APC, a full-service CPA firm headquartered in Oakland, California. Henry C Levy & Company has provided professional political treasury services since 1987 and is well respected in the field. Stacy is a longtime, active member and a current officer of the California Political Treasurers’ Association, and is proud to serve a variety of clients at the State/Local and as well as Federal level who include political parties, democratic candidates, political action committees linked to labor unions, committees focused on women’s issues and equality, committees working on environmental issues, and ballot measures in support of educational issues.

campaign contributions

Campaign Contributions

You must keep detailed records for every contribution you receive. For each campaign contribution of twenty-five dollars or more you must have the name and address of the contributor. You can receive campaign contributions online. You CAN NOT deduct fees from online contributions.

  • Candidates MUST deposit personal loans to the campaign into the committee bank account.
  • The Candidate CAN NOT pay campaign expenses from his/her personal funds.
  • There are two exceptions to this rule:
  • The candidate can pay the filing fee with personal funds
  • The candidate can pay for the ballot statement with personal funds.

Contributions of $100.00 or more must be made by way of written instrument, such as check which identifies the donor and payee.

Major Donors

A major donor is a SINGLE SOURCE of campaign contributions of $5000.00 or more in a single calendar year. You must send the contributor a notice that they may need to file as a major donor. Download

If a contributor donates more than $10,000.00 in a single calendar year the contributor must file form 461.

And they may be responsible to file a late contribution report form 497 Download

Send the notice to the contributor within two weeks of receiving the contribution.

You are NOT responsible to send the letter if the contributor is:

  • Another committee
  • Candidate spouse
  • Registered domestic partner
  • The candidate.

The Political Reform Act  prohibits anonymous contributions of $100.00 or more (this includes cash, cashier checks and money orders.
These monies must be sent to the Secretary of State’s Office for deposit into the General Fund


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