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Should You Hire a Political Consultant

| Hiring a Consultant | April 5, 2013

Jim Ross is a nationally recognized expert in campaign management, political strategy and public affairs. With more than twenty years of campaign management experience, Ross has managed and won candidate and initiative campaigns at the local, state and federal level. He is frequently called upon by the media and various other organizations to speak about political strategy. Ross has helped build a statewide small business organization in California, has run city council campaigns in New York City, has worked to defeat ballot measures in San Francisco, and has assisted in preserving open space in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has also managed several legislative campaigns.

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Should you hire a political consultant?

Not every campaign will require political consulting .  Most often this will be determined by the budget for the campaign. A political consultant will charge a fee to advise the campaign. Often smaller campaigns cannot afford a consultant. If your campaign intends to spend only a small amount of money you probably will not be able to hire a consultant. Therefore; you must take an inventory of who you can recruit to work on your campaign for free.  Look to family and friends and be prepared to take on many of the day to day tasks of running a campaign beyond the traditional role of candidate.

If you decide to hire a political consultant for your campaign you are taking an important first step to increasing your odds of victory on election day.  

Consultants are professionals who have experience working  in numerous campaigns. They have encountered many unique situations that arise and have acquired an arsenal of strategic solutions to combat almost any political problem that will arise in a campaign.

The political consultant advice  is extremely valuable.  There are many political consultants available to work on your campaign. Your job is to select the right one for you.

Talk to local political players and local officials that you trust for referrals. Prepare yourself to interview the political consultants just as you would any candidate for employment. Conduct the interview professionally giving them your background and reasons for running and ask everyone exactly the same questions so you can compare the answers later.

Determine each candidates work history in campaigns. What there area of expertise in campaigns is. Some political consultants specialize in field campaigns or direct mail and others are general consultants. Find the consultant with the expertise your campaign will require.  Determine what their win loss record has been. And find out how they normally structure a campaign organization and what their level of day to day participation will they play in your campaign. Seek  detailed information about the consultants’ previous campaign experience. 

Determine how many clients the political  consultant currently has and how many they plan to work for during at the same time they work for you.. Ask how they structure their organization and who in the organization will report to you. How will you and the consultant interact and how available will they and staff  be to you.

Of course determine each candidates fee structure and pricing for any products and or services they will deliver to the campaign.

Be wary of the consultant who knows everything. A good consultant will listen to you and be interested in your ideas, the issues in your district, about your opponents and more. 

 Get references. Follow up on them. Ask intelligent questions that can help you make the right decision. What di you like most and least about working with the consultant. Were they available to you? Would you hire them again?

When finalizing your decision remove any doubts first. If you have questions get them answered now before you ink a contract.

If you do your work right upfront you will most likely hire the right consultant. Now you and your team can proceed to planning and executing a successful campaign.


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