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Campaign Finance Forms You Must File – Jim Gonzalez

| Filing Your Papers | May 11, 2013

Jim Gonzalez is a public policy consultant and campaign strategist. He has co-managed three successful California statewide citizen ballot initiatives. Proposition 36, the Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act of 2000, allows first and second-time simple drug possession offenders to receive drug treatment instead of incarceration. Proposition 215, which passed in 1996, protects seriously ill patients, with a physician recommendation, from being charged with a criminal offense for using medical marijuana. Proposition 63, which passed in 2004, taxes millionaires to fund a new mental health system for California.

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Campaign Finance Forms You Must File

These are the campaign finance forms you will need and the order you will need to file them.
It is very important to complete form 410 accurately or it will delay your issuance of a  committee ID number.

First File Form 501
: File the form campaign finance form before you raise or spend campaign funds.

  • If you are a city election file the finance form with you City Clerk
  • If you are a county  election file the finance form with you County Clerk
  • If you are Statewide election file the form with the Secretary Of State


Next File Form 410
: When you raise or spend 1000 or more in calendar year you must file form 410

  • The Original form 410 must be filed with the Secretary Of State
  • You may file form prior to raising or spending 1000 to obtain ID #.
  • You must file an amendment when the $1000 has been reached.


After your form 410 has been received and processed by the Secretary Of State visit the website to obtain you committee iD
# see link here

Form 497: This report is required  if the campaign has contributions of $1000.00 or more including candidate funds during the last 16 days before the election.  This Includes non-monetary contributions or loans.

  • Must be filed within 24 hours. By fax, personal delivery or guaranteed overnight mail
  • And include these contributions on the next form 460 after the election.


Anyone including the candidate can be treasurer and handle campaign finances.

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