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Introduction To Campaign Planning – The Basics

| More | April 3, 2014

Kevin Reilly is a principal of Campaign Data Services, a voter file database company located in northern California.. Kevin is also a principal of Flying Colors USA providing services to political consultants.

Planning is Everything

No two campaigns are the same. Every political campaign is totally unique. However, many elements of any campaign are the same. Our Planning Section section is designed to help you gather important information for your campaign. Here we walk you through the methodology on how to think about campaigns, how they operate, and what to focus on when developing your  campaign strategy. This section is by no means a complete work on strategy – it is a process that can help you focus you on gathering the right information to develop a winning strategy.
A winning campaign strategy requires knowledge of your district, the issues and the opposition. It requires that you understand the geography, the people and the playing field. Successful strategy relies on voter target goals, polling information and a message that resonates with your voters. Good strategy requires good timing and the art of flexibility. Finally, a good strategy requires the neccessary funds to execute it.
Follow the chapters in  the Planning section to develop your campaign.

As you work through this section,be as specific as possible. Generalities will not give you a solid foundation to work from. The purpose of this section is to cut through the irrelevant issues and get to the actual facts that will impact your campaign.

Most people running for local office can’t afford to pay experienced, high-level campaign consultants to manage their races, even though campaigning is becoming more and more technical. On the other hand, there is much at stake, you can’t afford to leave the development of your strategy to inexperienced people.

We believe that if you develop a winning strategy guided by campaign professionals and use professionally produced materials in your campaign, you will have a better chance of getting elected.

Visit the directory to find an experienced local consultant to help you plan and win your campaign.

Do your  Planning

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