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Does a Celebrity Endorsement Matter

| Endorsements | June 10, 2013

Does a Celebrity Endorsement MatterDoes a Celebrity Endorsement Matter

Celebrity ad: “Vote” – Endorsement for Voting

Oct 30, 2008


Celebrity Endorsements of Political Candidates
Jan 13, 2009
Alicia Keys and Heidi Montag of the Hills both publicly endorsed their picks for president. But should they/ are they qualified to make such an endorsement?

Do Celebrities Influence Young Voters?
Oct 22, 2008
I asked student at UCF just how much a celebrity or a politicians endorsement of a presidential candidate influences there vote.

Frank Sinatra sang in support of President Kennedy and Mary Tyler Moore preached about President Carter’s stance on women’s issue.Do celebrity endorsements provide  any real public or financial support for a candidate or issue?s.

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