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How To Recruit Volunteers

| Recruiting Volunteers | April 4, 2014


Recruit Volunteers for Your Political Campaign

volunteersThe strength of any local campaign lies in the volunteers. Budget constraints can often be overcome with the effective organization and use of your volunteers. First, recruit a volunteer coordinator. The Coordinator will be responsible to recruit and train your volunteers. The goal should be to find  folks who are interested in your candidacy, willing to work hard, and who are capable of performing the tasks of a volunteer.

Below  are the some sources for recruiting volunteers to staff your campaign.

1. Family and Friends
The first source of volunteers is your family and friends. They are usually easy to recruit, loyaland willing to work hard.

2. College Students
Your local college is one of the best sources for campaign volunteers. Political Science majors can receive real experience and are eager to get involved. Also, other students with majors, such as Journalism, History, etc. can be potential volunteers. Contact political science departments, student governments, and political clubs to recruit volunteers for your campaign.

3. Association Members
Civic, community, church, or other groups that you may be associated with are knowledgeable about local issues and can serve as a volunteer resource. Often members of these groups may be willing to spend their free time working on your campaign and have large networks of civic-minded acquaintances who may also help.

4. Local Political Parties
Your local political party is a valuable resource for volunteers. The party can provide you with names of people who are active volunteers in your community. Contact your party leaders to see if they can assist with your volunteer recruitment.

5. Volunteer Contacts
Your existing volunteer corps can be a good resource for finding volunteers. Ask your volunteers to recruit their own friends and family to help.  

6. Campaign Events
As you attend events for your campaign seek volunteers. Recruitment can be done at all of your events including the kick-off rally, fundraising functions, coffees, etc.

7. Voters in Your District
The voters are a valuable resource for recruiting volunteers. Order a phone list from your voter file vendor of voters in your district. You or your volunteers can call voters and ask them for their help on your campaign.

8. Paid Volunteers
Many campaigns will have  a minimal paid staff that serves as the core of the campaign. Your’e campaign may not have enough qualified volunteers to perform the tasks it needs to get done, and may need to paid staff. Hire college students, senior citizens, or others to perform the work usually done by volunteers. 

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