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Campaign Finance Reporting Contributions

| Contributions | May 11, 2013

Stacy Owens brings 13 years experience in Political Treasury services to her work with clients. Stacy serves as Political Campaign Treasurer; and as Manager of the Political TreasuryDepartment at Henry C Levy & Company CPAs and Consultants, APC, a full-service CPA firm headquartered in Oakland, California. Henry C Levy & Company has provided professional political treasury services since 1987 and is well respected in the field. Stacy is a longtime, active member and a current officer of the California Political Treasurers’ Association, and is proud to serve a variety of clients at the State/Local and as well as Federal level who include political parties, democratic candidates, political action committees linked to labor unions, committees focused on women’s issues and equality, committees working on environmental issues, and ballot measures in support of educational issues.

campaign finance    

Campaign Finance

Reportable Contributions – Campaign Finance

  • Use of candidate funds are contributions – report as loans or contribution
  • All fundraiser ticket sales  are a contribution – costs are expenditures
  • Non monetary items are reportable contributions
  • Check with local filing officer local law for additional local laws
  • Report fair market value of donated items
  • Silent auctions yard sale bake sale etc monies raised are reportable
  • Keep documentations of how fair market value was determined
  • Candidates may give 1 ticket  free to officals but more than one are subject to
  • Cash check credit cards and payments made on behest of candidate gift limits



Exceptions to Filing Campaign Finance Form 700

  • Volunteer service political party communications and union communications  or trade association communications sent only to their members on behalf of a candidateIf a paid communication  is sent to the general public by a union group, trade association, or political party and is coordinated by the candidate it MUST be reported.
  • Events at private home and or office and the entire costs are donated by the owner occupant do not exceed $500.00 it is not reportable.  If the event goes over costs of $500.00 it must be reported.If anything has been donated to the event by a non-owner occupant the non-owner and the event expenses do not exceed $500.00 you need only report the non-occupant contribution amount.If the event costs exceed $500.00 both owner occupant and non occupant contributions MUST be reported.
  • If the event is for 2 candidates the event is still subject to the $500.00 Limit

Campaign Finance

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