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Sample Ballot Statement

| Ballot Statement | May 12, 2013

Dan Mullen is the founder of Indie Politics. Indie Politics develops and implements campaign strategies for candidates, labor unions, independent organizations, government agencies and bond measure clients, supplying media production and management through to successful completion. Frequently working under tight budgets, Dan uses various disciplines such as direct mail, door-to-door field work, volunteers, signage, research, telemarketing, polling, press relations, websites and social media.

Sample Ballot Statement 

13307. (a) (1) Each candidate for nonpartisan elective office in any local agency, including any city, county, city and county, or district, may prepare a candidate’s ballot statement on an appropriate formprovided by the elections official. The ballot statement may include the name, age, and occupation of the candidate and a brief description, of no more than 200 words, of the candidate’s education and qualifications expressed by the candidate himself or herself. However, the governing body of the

local agency may authorize an increase in the limitations on words for the statement from 200 to 400 words. The statement shall not include the party affiliation of the candidate, nor membership or activity in partisan political organizations.

See elections code section 13300-13317 and elections code section 9280-9287


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