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Our School Board Members

| Blog | August 6, 2013

school board members

Our School Board Members make up the largest number of elected officials in the United States. They are entrusted to set the policies our public elementary, middle and high schools. Every district has a board of education, and boards generally meet every month in meetings that are open to the public.

School boards are nonpartisan. In most districts, members serve four-year terms, and terms and the terms  are staggered so seats don’t become open all at once. constitution to be elected to public office.

School districts are complex institutions; and often they are  largest employers in a community.

What do they do?

School boards establish a policies and set goals for the community’s schools. They establish and maintain an organizational structure for the district that allows the administration to  manage the schools, teachers teach and students lto get a good education.

They are responsible for hiring the superintendent, adopting policies, serving as a judicial body when conflicts arrise, managing district finances, and over-seeing the union bargaining process in the district..

In summary the school board members must be dedicated to the value of public education. They must be dedicated to teaching our children. They must act strategically, and align the policies to reflect the interests of the school community.

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