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Should You Do Polling and Research?

| Polling | June 5, 2013

Alex Evans is President and founding partner of EMC Research. He has extensive experience in the design and execution of stratified proportional sampling plans, questionnaire development, all forms of opinion research, focus groups, voter polls, strategic design and development and public policy analysis. Alex has conducted over two thousand public opinion studies. He has polled in every state and throughout the western United States.


Should You Do Polling and Research
Running a campaign with limited resources is a challenge, so you might ask yourself, Should You Do Polling and Research. “Why bother with research or a poll?”  Sometimes campaigns choose not to do a public opinion research polling because they are too expensive, the campaign thinks it already knows the answer, there isn’t enough time, it has some research from seven years ago that might still be useful, and research can be complicated.  In our experience, the benefits of conducting research often outweigh these perceived risks. Good research can actually save a campaign time and money, it can offer surprises, provide a snapshot of the race, and the firm you hire to do your research serves as a valuable consultant
for the life of the campaign. Good polling will identify a road map for success that includes messaging, strategy, and targeting.

Five Steps to Good Research

  1. Methodology (HOW are you going to do research and with WHOM?)
  2.  Research instrument (WHAT are you going to ask?)
  3.  Data Collection
  4.  Analysis
  5.  Execute Recommendations


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