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California – Staffing Your Political Campaign

| Planning The Organization, Staffing | September 26, 2013

Terry Price

Terry Price has 30 years of campaign management and fundraising experience. Terry has overseen more than 70 campaigns in Northern California, including judges, supervisors and city council candidates. He has also successfully directed the campaigns for bond and parcel tax measures in Sonoma and Marin Counties.


Staffing Your California Political Campaign

These roles describe the ideal staffing for a California  campaign. For smaller, local California campaigns., one person might  fill multiple positions. And to conserve finances you can staff these  positions with volunteers rather than paid staff.

When staffing, It is important to assign specific responsibilities to each position. And to assign each position to someone in the organization, in order to insure that all tasks are being carried out and there is accountability within the organization.

CAMPAIGN MANAGER –  is responsible for supervising every aspect of the campaign.

  • Day-to-day operationsv
  • Hiring and management of staff
  • Coordinate the fundraising operations 
  • Coordination with the candidate 
  • Creating and managing the budget

Campaign Managers must have excellent organizational skills, be level-headed, have good interpersonal skills and not be afraid of raising money.

OFFICE MANAGER – is responsible for maintaining the campaign headquarters. 

  • Coordinate administrative aspects of the campaign
  • Manage staff, infrastructure, supplies, 

The Office Managers must have a good understanding of the entire campaign.

SCHEDULER –  is responsible for managing the candidates schedule

  • Provide event briefing to the candidate
  • Manage the Candidtes fundraising call time
  • Work  with other staff to schedule events

The Scheduler must be firm yet tactful, and extremely detail oriented

FINANCE DIRECTOR/FUNDRAISER –  is responsible for raising the money budgeted to execute the campaign.

  • Keep the candidate on track with fundraising 
  • Prepare for and staff fundraising call time 
  • Oversee  all fundraising events.

The Fundraiser must be organized, and able to manage the candidate and organization to meet the fundraising challenge.

CAMPAIGN TREASURER – oversees the financial and accounting aspects of the campaign.

  • monitor contributions
  • maintain financial records 
  • responsible for compliance with election laws

The  Treasurer must have significant experience in accounting or finance.

LEGAL ADVISOR –  Versed in all aspects of election law and campaign finance.

  • advises campaign on legal issues

COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR/PRESS SECRETARY– is responsible for dealing with the press.

  • Write the Press release
  • Build relationships with the press
  • Communicate with the media as the key spokesperson
  • Schedule interviews  
  • Seek free media opportunities 
  • Draft speeches 
  • Assist with creating copy for other communication mediums in the campaign.

The Communications Director must be an excellent communicator. And have prior experience with the media,  

FIELD DIRECTOR  –  is responsible for making sure that the campaign message is delivered through direct voter contact

  • Develop the filed plan
  • Manage door to door contact 
  • Manage door to door phone contact
  • Manage voter registration activity
  • Manage the Get Out The Vote activity

The Field Director must be organized, energetic, capable of motivating, managing, and  staffing.

California Political Campaign Staffing

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