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Polling Data Collection – Step 3

| Polling | June 5, 2013

Alex Evans is President and founding partner of EMC Research. He has extensive experience in the design and execution of stratified proportional sampling plans, questionnaire development, all forms of opinion research, focus groups, voter polls, strategic design and development and public policy analysis. Alex has conducted over two thousand public opinion studies. He has polled in every state and throughout the western United States.


Good Research Step 3: Polling and Data Collection

Research Polling Data Collection Also called “in the field,” this is the time period when the interviews are actually being conducted.  Three to six days is a typical field period for a campaign survey.  More time may be needed if interviews include any hard to reach populations, or a particularly lengthy questionnaire.  It’s always important to consult the calendar before going into the field to do Research Polling and Data Collection. Be aware of holidays or local events.  Sundays are usually a great day to call, because people are home, but do NOT call on Superbowl Sunday (or any Sunday in Dallas if the Cowboys are playing a home game!).

Polling Data Collection should be monitored every night to make sure that the sample (no matter how many interviews have been conducted) is representative of the population every night.  This is to avoid any demographic group, or geographical location, being called all in one night.

During the interview, questions should be read exactly the same way every time to be sure that the respondent interprets the questions the same.  Interviewers are trained to read only what is on the survey and never offer their opinions or push respondents to answer a certain way.

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