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Recommendations Good Polling Research – Step 5

| Polling | June 5, 2013

Alex Evans is President and founding partner of EMC Research. He has extensive experience in the design and execution of stratified proportional sampling plans, questionnaire development, all forms of opinion research, focus groups, voter polls, strategic design and development and public policy analysis. Alex has conducted over two thousand public opinion studies. He has polled in every state and throughout the western United States.


Good Polling Research  

Survey results are not the end product; any good analysis and good polling research should include recommendations. The pollster is a part of the team for future strategic campaign decisions and can help review mail/TV messaging and assist with targeting. The poll tells a story, and identifies which messages work best with which people. Ongoing analysis of the survey results is a valuable tool for the campaign.

Following a poll, there are strategic options to consider from the research. These can be categorized into two kinds of “planning uses”: internal and external. 

Some internal planning uses might be to:

  • Identify opportunities
  • Segmentations
  • Profile target groups
  • Find surprises under the surface
  • Choose a direction and commit to it

Some external planning uses might be to:

  • Will you release the results to participants?
  • Will you give results to the press?
  • Will you explain how research will be used


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