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Comments Off on Governor Brown Seeks Fourth Term

Governor Brown Seeks Fourth Term

| Blog | February 28, 2014

Governor Jerry Brown announced that he will run for re-election “I’ve lived here my whole life. I love this state and will do my utmost to enable California to keep faith with its past and pave the way for a future as bold as our forebears would expect.” Brown tweeted to his 1 million followers […]

Comments Off on Cities Can Fight Against Foreclosures

Cities Can Fight Against Foreclosures

| Blog | February 27, 2014

Cities can join together to help residents with foreclosures The housing market still comprises millions of underwater mortgage-holders facing foreclosures (between 6 and 16 million, depending on who you ask). Many of homeowners are battling against creditors who are trying to foreclose and or evict them. But Cities can Help. The Home Defenders League, is […]

Comments Off on Teachers Dismissal Rules Proposal

Teachers Dismissal Rules Proposal

| Blog | February 27, 2014

State Sen. Lou Correa Introduces Bill (SB) 843 -Teachers  Sen. Lou Correa introduced a Senate Bill (SB) 843, that would simplify the proceedings for the dismissal of California educators accused of misconduct. Currently, an educator that has been fired in California may appeal to a state panel of an administrative law judge and two educators. The […]

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Governor Brown – State of the State Address

| Blog | February 14, 2014

Governor Brown Delivers 2014 State Of The State Address In this video courtesy of The California Channel, The Governor delivers his annual address to the California Legislature. The Governor has done a pretty darn good job! Gov. Brown highlighted his education accomplishments that marked the final address of his current term and laid out priorities for the coming year […]

Comments Off on California Divided – Six States?

California Divided – Six States?

| Blog | January 20, 2014

BREAK UP: Will California splinter into 6 states?  California venture capitalist Tim Draper is backing  an initiative to divide California into six separate states.  He argues that the its population is “too big and bloated,” Draper, 5 filed paperwork to put the measure, known as Six California’s, on the November ballot.   Does article 4 section […]

Comments Off on Los Angeles Council Members Seek Statewide Ballot Measure

Los Angeles Council Members Seek Statewide Ballot Measure

| Blog | November 5, 2013

Los Angeles City Council members Tom LaBonge and Mitch Englander… seek support for a statewide ballot measure to provide funding to cities for earthquake safety improvements.   The resolution, proposed Friday by  and seconded by  asks the City Council and Mayor Eric Garcetti to support or sponsor state legislation that would help fund local seismic safety […]

Comments Off on Margaret Brodkin – A Hero to San Francisco Kids

Margaret Brodkin – A Hero to San Francisco Kids

| California Heroes | October 5, 2013

Margaret Brodkin’s leadership has transformed the landscape for children in San Francisco  Margaret is recognized as the “Mother of the San Francisco Children’s Fund,” a $50 million annual fund that made San Francisco the first city in the country to provide local dedicated funding for children. Margaret is a trained group worker, held a Licensed Clinical […]

Comments Off on Tramutola Wins California Schools Tax Measures

Tramutola Wins California Schools Tax Measures

| Blog | October 5, 2013

California Schools Tax Measures Win, Even In A Bad Economy According to Larry Tramutola, a California political consultant who specializes in bond issues, the recipe for today’s successful bond campaign must be made up of a diverse stew of tactics. No longer is it enough to merely identify pressing needs and expect voters to agree. […]

Comments Off on California Poverty Rate

California Poverty Rate

| Blog | October 3, 2013

  Poverty Rate in California Reaches 22% The new analysis set California’s poverty rate at 22%, the highest in the nation, compared with the official rate of 16%. The Public Policy Institute of California and the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality, found that 2.6 million, or 27%, of Los Angeles County residents lived in […]

Comments Off on California Voter Outreach – Robocalls

California Voter Outreach – Robocalls

| Robo Calls | October 3, 2013

California Voter Outreach With Robo Calls Robo calls are the least expensive way to communicate with your voters in California  You can reach thousands, even millions of voters with an in-expensive pre-recorded voice message, and can be delivered within minutes.  There many ways in which you can use them to your advantage in a California […]

Comments Off on California Women Close The Gap

California Women Close The Gap

| Blog, Women Candidates | September 28, 2013

California Getting Women Elected Close The Gap CA, is a campaign aimed at recruiting, training and electing progressive women to office in the mid-term and 2016 elections. The goal of the organization: to increase the number of women in Congress and state legislatures by taking advantage of new and open districts resulting from redistricting and […]

Comments Off on New Rules – California Blogging for Politics

New Rules – California Blogging for Politics

| Blog | September 28, 2013

Fair Political Practices Commission Rules on Political Blogging -California Blogging for politics comes under new rules. California – The Fair Political Practices Commission approved regulation Section 18421.5 to increase campaign transparency. A rule requiring campaigns to disclose payments to bloggers or other commentators who post opinion online. Consumer Watchdog. argues that voters have a right to know […]

Comments Off on California – Staffing Your Political Campaign

California – Staffing Your Political Campaign

| Planning The Organization, Staffing | September 26, 2013

Staffing Your California Political Campaign These roles describe the ideal staffing for a California  campaign. For smaller, local California campaigns., one person might  fill multiple positions. And to conserve finances you can staff these  positions with volunteers rather than paid staff. When staffing, It is important to assign specific responsibilities to each position. And to […]

Comments Off on California Infrastructure Report Is Not Good

California Infrastructure Report Is Not Good

| Blog | September 23, 2013

  California Infrastructure Needs Investment Now The American Society of Civil Engineers is committed to protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the public and to improving the nation’s public infrastructure. ASCE releases a Report Card for America’s Infrastructure that depicts the condition and performance of the nation’s infrastructure. The Report Card grades the condition and […]

Comments Off on The Bay Area Plan – ABAG & MTC

The Bay Area Plan – ABAG & MTC

| Blog | September 9, 2013

  ABAG and MTC Adopt The Bay Area Plan Local elected officials on the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) Executive Board and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) voted to adopt Plan Bay Area. An integrated transportation and land-use strategy. The Plan, was developed to meet the requirements of SB 375, which seeks to create […]

Comments Off on California Population is Changing

California Population is Changing

| Blog | September 5, 2013

                  California Population According to the Standford Center on Longevity, California is the country’s largest populated state and the sixth youngest. The Population growth rate is slower than that of the from the 1970s and 1980s. However; growth from 2000 to 2010 has kept pace the the overall US growth rate. The ethnic population […]

Comments Off on California Population Growth 15 Million

California Population Growth 15 Million

| Blog | August 12, 2013

California Expected To Grow by 15 Million New population projections released by Department of Finance say that the California population will cross the 50 million mark in 2049 and grow to nearly 52.7 million by 2060. This gain of nearly 15.4 million people between 2010 and 2060 is approximatley a 50% gain from the current […]