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How To Recruit Volunteers

| Recruiting Volunteers | April 4, 2014

  Recruit Volunteers for Your Political Campaign The strength of any local campaign lies in the volunteers. Budget constraints can often be overcome with the effective organization and use of your volunteers. First, recruit a volunteer coordinator. The Coordinator will be responsible to recruit and train your volunteers. The goal should be to find  folks […]

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Task Force on Inequality and American Democracy

| Blog | January 13, 2014

American Democracy in an Age of Rising Inequality The APSA Task Force on Inequality and American Democracy was established in 2001 to gather what political scientists and other scholars know about the ways in which recent trends in inequalities impact democratic participation and governance in the United States, and to consider how changing patterns of participation and […]

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Consolidating Municipal Elections – Yes or No?

| Blog | October 8, 2013

Will Consolidating Municipal Elections Save Taxpayers Money? A recent study by the Greenlining Institute says that consolidating elections would raise overall turnout, reduce costs and turnout a more representative group of voters. There study says that off-year municipal elections reduce voter turnout and result in small numbers of voters from minority groups who vote on […]

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Election Campaign Resource

| Blog | July 29, 2013

Welcome To Your  Election Campaign Resource. Do it Yourself Campaigns is the #1 resource for anyone involved in California election campaigns.  Do it Yourself Campaigns “Learning Center” is the place to learn about every aspect of your election campaign, from making the decision to run for office, planning your campaign, and then executing your plan […]