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Should You Do Polling and Research?

| Polling | June 5, 2013

Should You Do Polling and Research Running a campaign with limited resources is a challenge, so you might ask yourself, Should You Do Polling and Research. “Why bother with research or a poll?”  Sometimes campaigns choose not to do a public opinion research polling because they are too expensive, the campaign thinks it already knows […]

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Questionnaire Design – Step 2

| Polling | June 5, 2013

Good Research Step 2: Questionnaire Design Good questionnaire design is necessary to gather useful information on local issues, the candidate, and on the opponent.  The best polls come about when the campaign team works together when developing the questionnaire design.  Every time a question is added the campaign must ask itself, “How we will use […]

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How Statistics Apply to Political Polling

| Polling | May 3, 2013

Polling Statistics Campaigns use statistics to determine likely election outcomes and evaluate campaign strategies. Not all polls are created equally. Often details are buried in footnotes or omitted entirely in news articles that quote the poll. Be informed on how a poll was designed.A poll with a larger sample size is not necessarily the better […]