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Larry Tramutola – Organizing

Eric Jaye and Theo Yedinsky¬† “Twitter, Iran and More”

Jim Ross. Political Consultant, on current San Francisco politics

Stand Up…It Matters – Fred Ross, Jr.

John Burton California Democratic Party Chairman

Labor Organizer Marshall Ganz

Jim Gonzalez- Chair of the Latino Policy Coalition

Political fundraiser: behind the scenes

How to Read A Poll

Why Newspaper Advertising

Social Medias Influence On Politics

Phone Bank 101

Get A Voter File

What Your Election Campaign Web Site Should Say

Door To Door Canvassing

Cable Advertising

Campaign Direct Mail

Gail Kaufman – Women In Politics

Campaign Signs – Brand Your Campaign

Hank Sheinkopf – Participation In Politics

Chrisitine Pelosi – Campaign Book Camp

21 Leaders for the 21st Century, Mary Hughes

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