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Voter Guide Slate Card Alert

| Blog, Paid Slate Cards | July 4, 2014


Voter Guides – Slate Card Alert … Know What You Are Buying?

voter-guide slate card alert

The 2012 statistics are only available for the primary election but they show that the trend is continuing. 65.15 percent of voters requested to vote by mail in California. 

Know what you are buying. Make sure it is is mailed at the right time so that voters receive them before they cast their vote.

Voter guide-slate card vendors sell campaigns the opportunity to share the expense of a mailing by joining others to buy onto a card and therefore reduce the cost of the campaign to communicate with voters. The voter guide-slate card vendors offer the campaign targeted voter groups that the card will be mailed to.  

Within any targeted group of voters it can be determined whether a voter is a permanent absentee (always votes by mail) or has voted by absentee ballot on occasion in an election (absentee voted) or voted at the polls in an election.  Each voter has a known history of, and a propensity to, vote by mail and or vote at the polls on election day and this information  is available to your voter guide-slate card vendor.

Absentee voters may make their decision and complete their ballots much earlier than people who vote at the polls on election day. Absentee ballots are mailed to voters by the county weeks before the election and voters can complete their ballot and mail it back right away. This means over 50% of voters can make their decision who to vote for weeks before election day!

Voter guide-slate cards that are mailed to every voter at the same time late in the election cycle just before the election may be a waste of your precious campaign dollars if the voters being mailed to have already cast their ballot.  

Your voter guide-slate card vendor can provide you with detailed information about the absentee and poll voter propensity of the selected voters you are buying. They should have a plan to mail to early absentee voters and poll voters since they may make their voting decisions at different times. If your vendor is combining the mailing to absentee and poll voters and mailing late in the election cycle you may be losing important votes and wasting precious campaign dollars.  

IMPORTANT! Information about who has already turned in their absentee ballot is available daily from the register of voter. Your voter guide – slate card vendor has access to this information and can remove any voter from their mailing list who has already cast their ballot prior to the voter guide – slate card being mailed to reduce the number of cards you are paying for and insuring that the mail is not being sent to those who have already voted.

Before you buy contact  your voter guide-slate card vendor to find out when your slate card is being mailed to absentee and poll voters.  


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