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Why Use a Voter File Vendor?

| Understanding The Voter File | June 8, 2013

Kevin Reilly is a principal of Campaign Data Services, a voter file database company located in northern California.. Kevin is also a principal of Flying Colors USA providing services to political consultants.

Why Use a Voter File Vendor?

A bad voter file costs more money and loses votes
A voter file vendor will clean and enhance the data from the Registrar.
Sometimes the voter file from the Registrar will have data entry errors such as mistyped numbers, or misspelled names, and, it may list voters who have moved. The Registrars file does not household voters, which requires the campaign to send each voter a mailer instead of just one per household.

A good voter file saves money and wins elections
A voter file vendor will greatly enhance the registrar file and eliminate voters who have moved, correct data entry errors and append information that will save money and insure the campaign is communicating with the right voters.

Voter file vendor enhancements include:

Vote History:  Vote history is retained by the voter file vendor so as they update their voter file with new registrar data you also get access to all the previous vote history that is not on the most recent registrar file. This allows you to more accurately target the likely voters which will save the campaign significant resources of time and money.

NCOA (National Change of Address):  Voter file vendors will match the registrar data to the National Change-Of-Address system removing voters who have moved, saving the campaign valuable resources.

Phone numbers Voter file vendors will match the registrar data to phone file databases to significantly improve the accuracy of phone numbers, so you maximize time and save money.  

Ethnic Match:  The voter file vendor has proprietary software to match the registrar database which appends voter ethnicity to the voter file, to increase your ability to target voters with the right message.

House-holding:  The voter file vendor will use proprietary house-holding programs to append house-hold information to the voter file like, whether the house-hold occupants are homeowners or renters. Also, party affiliation within each household is appended to file, so you can target pure democratic or pure republican house-holds and more.

why use a voter file vendor?

Don’t be penny-wise and pound foolish

Voter file vendors will save you valuable time and money.

Voter file vendors insure that you are targeting the right voters

Voter file vendors allow you to more accurately target your message

Voter file vendors insure that you are targeting the voters that will turn-out on the day of the election.


Get the best data to target the right voters at the right time

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